Dianne Hollyoak

Dianne Hollyoak


Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

With more than 21 years experience in employment and workplace law, Dianne provides employers with strategic and practical advice on negotiation of workplace agreements, industrial disputes, restructuring, counselling, discipline and termination of employees, unfair dismissal, general protection claims, grievances, discrimination, bullying and harassment, transfer of business and restraint of trade.

Prior to joining Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, Dianne was Partner and Special Counsel at leading national firms based at their Brisbane and Newcastle offices. Having also run her own company as a specialist in industrial relations and employment services and held positions in corporations acting as advisor on industrial relations, Dianne brings a unique understanding of the complexities around workplace and industrial law.

Dianne is an astute negotiator and strategist, focusing on delivering the best outcomes for clients and their businesses.

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