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Gareth is one of Australia’s leading industrial relations and employment law specialists. He has formidable public and private sector experience in litigious, commercial and strategic matters and deals widely in highly unionised industries as well as highly sensitive issues at head office and board level.

One of Gareth's signature career achievements is acting in the landmark High Court decision of Commonwealth Bank v Barker, which decided that the implied term of trust and confidence was not part of Australian law - described by a leading academic as "one of the most important employment law decisions this century".

Gareth also has a passion for technology and innovation, which he brings to his legal practice – including writing apps with sophisticated functionality not available anywhere on the market and which are now being used throughout the firm. Gareth's unique expertise has recently been recognised by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers who have named him one of the top ten Legal Innovators in the Asia-Pacific Region for 2019.

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