Workplace COVID vaccinations policies: employee rights and obligations

Nov 11, 2021

9:45 am

Employers looking to implement mandatory workplace vaccination programs are likely to be subject to legal scrutiny. In this session, we explore the current legal framework around COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace so that you can protect your workforce and while minimising the risk of legal claims. 

  • When can employers require employees to be vaccinated? 
  • What type of medical evidence will legitimately support an employee’s refusal to vaccinate 
  • How are the courts treating mandatory vaccination polices in the workplace?    
  • Lessons for the childcare sector from Bou-Jamie Barber v Goodstart Early Learning [2021] 
  • Lessons from the aged care sector: Kimber v Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care Ltd [2021] 
  • Alexandra Shields
    Alexandra Shields


    Norton Rose Fulbright

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