Workplace health and safety update

Nov 11, 2021

1:35 pm

This session will provide an overview of recent developments in WHS law, with a focus on changes brought in by the Work Health and Safety Act 2020. 

  • The duties of a PCBU and the possible penalties for failure to comply 
  • What are the duties of an officer under WHS laws?  
  • Can an employer terminate over failure to comply with work health and safety policies? 
  • Lessons from Hamlin v City of Sydney Council [2021] 
  • Lessons from Yordanos Fesshatsyen v Mambourin Enterprises Ltd [2021] regarding departures from safety standards, especially during the pandemic 
  • New penalties for industrial manslaughter and serious harm or death to workers  
  • Ben Burke
    Ben Burke


    Baker McKenzie

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